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We seek to lift the spirits of our brave young heroes, in the Military, by sending packages containing requested items and letters, etc.

We are truly a "Touch of Home" to thousands.

We mainly serve Forward Support Military, because they live under the most difficult conditions and have the least opportunity to access the larger PX's. This project started by our daughter, Sgt. Rebecca (Boone) Iacolino, sharing her boxes while deployed in Iraq 3 1/2 years ago. The rest is history, as the saying goes. We now serve thousands through their Chaplains, and referrals from one Commander to another. We also ship our "Love" packages to friends and loved ones of our Supporters.

Touch of Home officeThrough speaking engagements, Newspapers, TV, and by referrals, we give folks an opportunity to "partner with us in supporting the Military". Our signature item is our one quart Zip lock bag crammed full of travel size shampoos, lotions, tooth brush, sewing kit, deck of cards or travel size game, etc. We wrap each bag with a pair of nice new soft boot socks held by rubber bands. We also ship items for the Military to give out to the Iraqi Children.

We are a 501c3 Community Service Corporation. We have a board of directors we answer to. No one receives any compensation for their volunteer work with us. 100% of every dollar goes directly to getting boxes to the Military. All travel and most office expenses are paid for by volunteers themselves. We depend on volunteer hands-on help to sort, pack, and ship boxes. Our goal is to send at least 100 packages a month. We ship using primarily "Flat Rate" boxes.

News Articles

  • Lake Arrowhead Mountain News
  • Oct 28, 2006 -

    It all started with one package Bill and Diane Boone sent to their daughter Rebecca, who had enlisted in the Army and was deployed as an ammunition supply sergeant.

    Before Rebecca left for Iraq, she was told she wouldn't have access to supplies. Bill and Diane did what any parents would do: They sent her a package full of the things they knew she would need and want.

    Rebecca did exactly what Bill and Diane might have expected. She shared her goodies with her fellow soldiers. The rest is not history but an on-going labor of love for Bill, Diane and a group of volunteers.

    Bill and Diane formed Touch of Home, a 501c3 community service corporation, a nonprofit whose goals are simple and straightforward: Full story >

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