Letter & Pictures from:
Sergeant First Class Michael J. Martin (Mike)

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 04:10:22 +0300
Subject: Hello from SFC Martin

February 26, 2007

Dear Mrs. Boone,

My name is Sergeant First Class Michael J. Martin (Mike), I received the package you sent me. Thank you, We all appreciate the support that our Friends, Family, and Patriots like you have given us. It means so much to us to know that there are folks out there that Suppout the Troops. This is my first Deployment and I can assure you that I survive every day by know ing that there are those like you out there. It can be hard sometimes when you hear all the Anti-war folks and the Actors downing the Troops, your support silences all of that.

SFC Mike Martin outside one of the Palaces in the Area

To let you know a little about me, the untils I'm with, and my job. I am deployed out of FT. SIll Oklahoma. I am an individual agumentee stationed with One Army Reserve Company and three Army National Guard Companies. We all work in a Theater Internment facility, Detainee Camp, on a forward Operating Base inside Baghdad. I am one of two Active Duty 31E (Internment/Resetelment NCOs) that work here. MY coworker, SSG Nina Beamon and I are the Subject Matter Experts assigned here by the task force that operates all of the Detention Facilities in Iraq. It is a calm job, most of the time, but can get a little nerve racking. The units that I am with have some great support channels as well. We seem to be well stocked with Books and Cards. I am going to start reading the Book (reflections from the Battlefield) that you sent me. I feel that I am going to enjoy it. I have hung the PSALM 91 in my room where I can see it. I grew up in church and very religous, but over the years have fallen out of the way of the Church. Since I have been deployed I seem to seek out the Truth, Wisdom, and comfot of God. Thank you for your prayers.

I will be glad to be your contact here with these units, if needed. I will look forward to you writing me back. Take care and again Thank you.....


P.S. Attached is a picture of me outside one of the Palaces in the Area.

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