Letters & Pics from Ssgt.Chuck Shuck and Partner "Gabe"

Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 11:45:51 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: March 24th 2007 Update from Gabe and Chuck in Iraq

Gabe with his hamburger

March 24, 2007

Dear family and friends,

I hope this email finds you all doing well and in good health........Gabe and I are well and enjoying the rain today in the part of Iraq we are in. About an five hours ago, I received news that a K9 handler was killed and his dog very badly wounded in Iraq so please say your prayers for this dedicated and hero team. I do not have a name or where they are stationed just yet, but I heard it happened 3 days ago.

The pictures are okay this week, but I didn't get out much, the first one is Gabe and I searching a tractor trailor out on the highways, one is of Gabe eating his stuffed cheeseburger and that is as close as he has gotten to a treat in months ha ha...... The other one is the Iraq flag waving proudly in the wind.....The guys unloading the 40 pound bags of flour is what happens when Gabe smells something and you don't tell the truth (thats all I can say with that) and the last one is an Iraq cemetary off in the distance......

Gabe out there doing his job

Nothing else is going on here, Gabe and I are nearing our 100th mission of the deployment with the 5-82 FA Blackdragons out of Fort Bliss, TX and Gabe is truly their celebrity mascot. We will continue to charge full steam ahead until the day we are told our mission is complete. It makes me sick to watch the news and see all our politicians fighting about this war, what they should do is bring their offices right here to Iraq and see for themselves first hand on what is going on rather than base stuff they see on CNN ..Anyways, have a great week, I hope to have better pictures next week and once again, keep that hero team in your prayers and please .

Chuck and Gabe on a ladder


God protect us "YOUR AMERICAN SOLDIERS" and thank you for being the best support group any soldiers can ever ask for.

Chuck and Gabe
Somewhere in Iraq
SSgt. Chuck Shuck & "Gabe" (his bomb sniffing dog)

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