Dog team killed in Iraq

Sun, 8 Jul 2007 10:07:28 -0700 (PDT)

Dear friends,

15 Months ago, I attended the Specialized Search Dog School at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas....... There is where I met my partner for life Gabe....Also in that school, I met 12 friends for life..... for 5 months, we worked together, trained togther and even liked each other so much, we spent our off time with each other

2 days ago, one of our brothers and his partner died in Baghdad, Iraq while on a combat mission....... in a few days when they say we can release his name, I will send a picture of this hero and his dog. This is the 11th friend I have lost this deployment and even though they are all tough, this one is extra hard to swallow.....

This young man after school everyday would go to the gym and work out to stay physically fit. As a staff sergeant, I admired this coming from a private. I once saw him leaving the gym and asked this kid what he was doing and he said was was heading back to his hotel. I knew the hotel was 5 miles away. For the next 2 months, I drove him back to his hotel. I am sure gonna miss this kid, but he is in a better place now with all the other warriors of war.

I would also like to say all your prayers do work. On the 6th of July while enroute to a raid, our K9 vehicle hit a roadside bomb, but nobody was hurt. Gabe was a little startled, but still ended up finding 3 guns and 150 rounds of ammo on our mission. Keep those prayers coming for all soldiers....thanks

Chuck and Gabe
Somewhere in Iraq
SSgt. Chuck Shuck & "Gabe" (his bomb sniffing dog)

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