Letters & Pics from Ssgt.Chuck Shuck and Partner "Gabe"

Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2007 06:36:09 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Happy Easter from Iraq and Thank YOU Mexico Cafe and San Bernardino Police Dept !

Gabe ready for duty

April 08, 2007

Dear family and friends,

Gabe and I wanted to take the time to wish you all blessings this holiday season and we hope you all have a great day with your families. Gabe and I have been very busy this past week. 3 nights ago while raiding a house in a bad neighborhood, an insurgent starting fire at us through a door wounding one of our guys.

Gabe and I took cover by a car until the gunfight was over which ended up with the bad guy killed. The bad part was while Gabe and I was getting our wits about us, a little Iraqi boy from the house came up with his eye bleeding and swollen shut from a shotgun blast that fragmented. I quickly handed Gabe off to a female soldier and got pressure on the kids eye until the medic came over, but the medic was the soldier shot non the less, so lets just say it was a long night. Last night was a little less uneventful, but Gabe did great !

Gabe looking out humvee window

He had a total of 3 finds. He found a total of 210 small arms ammo bullets, 1x 100MM Armor Piercing Round and 7 AK 47 Magazines. So he gave me a great Easter present. Take care, God bless and please take a moment to say a prayer for all those soldiers that have small kids and families that they will not be spending time with and if you see a veteran, tell them thank you!!!!

Chuck and Gabe with Shirt from Mexico Cafe
One Last thing......
Grandma Diane,
Please pass our thanks on to the Mexico Cafe and the San Bernardino California Police Dept for the awesome shirt, that was so great and we love it, I am sending it home though so I don't ruin it here........... I haven't seen becky today but I had a mission, but I did see her the other night, maybe last night or the night before... thanks again...
we love you

SBPD K9 Poster in Iraq
Chuck and Gabe
Somewhere in Iraq
SSgt. Chuck Shuck & "Gabe" (his bomb sniffing dog)

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